Sunday, February 21, 2010

Republicans on Welfare play a private party in Kenosha
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I first met the Republicans on Welfare at a small party they had been hired to play and I had been hired to photograph. I knew of them because Frank of Pistofficer, another KenoCore group, had mentioned they would be playing a gig together at a Kenosha bar on the coming weekend.

I love punk. Since the Sex Pistols, Ramones and Voidoids had releasing their first albums I have been a fan. Punk has a certain reckless abandon and feeling of "fuck you" that it's irresistible to the common malcontent. The power chords are like a crazy desperate musical heartbeat.

Pistofficer on the stage at Hattrix, joined by a very large friend of the band, left.
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Three days after the private show I saw the Republicans again, this time as the lead off band in a four group hard core show, playing with Pistofficer among other groups. I hadn't been to Hattrix since it was the Cavern and my friends rock fusion band played there ten years ago.

This was a perfect venue for a punk show - the room was dark, black I think and the ceiling was low. It hadn't been called the Cavern for nothing.

The shots of both the Republicans and Pistofficer could only be taken from one of two angles, about 30 degrees from either side of the stage. Those were the only safe places, the only spots to stand it when a photographer could be without having some black clad maniacs body slamming into him. What I am trying to say is sorry for the repetitive angles, but I didn't think chancing a front shot was worth losing my camera and a couple of teeth for.

The music blared and my ears rang. You could never tell if someone was actually with a band or if they just jumped up onto the stage and grabbed the mic. In short, it was a fun shoot. For my part, I had a great time and plan to take in another show down the road. Hopefully next time I'll have the following day off and not be forced into leaving midway through the second band.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Kenosha's Sept. Twilight Market Shots

These pictures were taken for the Downtown BID (Business Improvement District) in Kenosha. Originalyl, I wa not going to post them here, but someone expressed insterest in seeing the photos and as I always aim to please here they are!

Monday, October 5, 2009

17 shots from the Kenosha Zombie Ride 2009

It was a busy day Saturday. In addition to having a work a full day I was to go to the Kenosha Symphony that night to take pictures for the conductor.

So in between a 4 o'clock quit time and 7pm I had just enough time to sneak over to this year's Zombie Ride.

I caught the ride just past it's midpoint, at Sir Arthur's bar on Kenosha's near north side. There were about a hundred or so bikes when I got there and ovr a hundred people dressed as zombies, drinking and partying to a band that had also been zombiefied.

There are a lot of good pictures out there but I wasn't able to take many. Less than hour after I got there it was time to head home, slap on a button down shirt and a tie and hed to a more formal event.

There was a lot more to see and to photograph and I am rather sorry that I missed it.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The 2009 Keno-Core Punk Piknik

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This past Sunday the 6th played host to the Kenosha Area's annual Punk Piknik. The piknik is a great excuse for heard core and punk music fans to have an awesome overnight bash.

For my part, I didn't stay too long, being there less than three hours. But I got a load of pictures and that was good. I'm looking forward to coming and staying overnight next year. The event was raucous - that it the nice way to put it, right? - and in a mucho fun way.


Thursday, September 3, 2009

The pictures from the Mr. Kenosha contest are up...


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It took me long enough to get to them, but things rather piled up here. My bad.

One of my friends was looking on as I selected what to post earlier tonight and her main comment was "What did I miss???" Anyone who was upset because they figured this event was going to be silyl or ridiculous had the right idea - but the wrong attitude.

Tongue in cheek, people, tongue in cheek. Looking to the Mr. Kenosha Contest for serious, high brow entertainment is like looking to Jerry Seinfeld for relationship advice.

But while it was not high class entertainment it was indeed entertainment. Where else could you have seen a man balance a push lawn mower on his chin? No where in Kenosha, let me tell you boy-o.

So to see the lawnmower balanced on the chin - and 114 other pictures just click here or on the link above.